It’s been nine years since the events of Into the Realm of Time and five years since the Roman Emperor Valens’ army was annihilated at the battle of Adrianople.

Far from warfare, retired General Marcus Augustus Valerias is now settled into life at his estate near Milan with his wife, Claire, a former Briton queen, and her two daughters. Still, waves of worry plague the once-great but now aging general as he watches his life and the Roman Empire slowly crumble. Claire also sees the toll that time is taking when news arrives of trouble in her former kingdom and with the throne she abdicated to her brother and his ambitious new queen. Claire, Valerias and those closest to them struggle with religious strife, fractured family bonds, old and new enemies, and legacies affected by time. All are pulled into the turmoil, leaving even the most steadfast questioning their motives and beliefs.

At the same time, a Saxon king plans a massive invasion of Claire’s homeland with the support of the Angles and the Jutes. Together, the allied barbarian forces launch over one thousand warships, threatening her former kingdom’s very survival. This news propels Claire and Valerias to form and lead an army to defend Britannia—or watch it disappear at the hands of the Saxons.

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