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1.  Why did you write From the Realm of Time as the sequel to Into the Realm of Time?


When I finished my first book, Into the Realm of Time, I knew I had more to say about the story.  There were themes and characters I wanted to explore further and also new characters to introduce.  I had become fond of the characters and especially wanted complete their saga.  I believe I have done so in From the Realm of Time.


2.  Will there be another sequel, making the story a trilogy, or will there be a prequel?


No, the story has reached its conclusion.  I am happy with both books and do not feel the need to go further or backwards in time.  I think to write another sequel would undo what I have tried to do with the ending of From the Realm of Time


3.  You previously mentioned themes.  What themes do you present in From the Realm of Time?


I believe themes are an important part of the story.  In From the Realm of Time several themes are interwoven in the story, including: the impact of time on legacies; the strength of love conquers obstacles; religious intolerance is exercised by those in power; destinies can change over time; and people are not simply just good or evil – instead they are combination of many factors and emotions.  Further, people are sometimes not who they appear to be.


4.  Who are the protagonists in From the Realm of Time?


The two primary “stars” of From the Realm of Time are also the main characters in Into the Realm of Time – Roman General Marcus Augustus Valerias and his wife Claire, a former queen of a kingdom in Britannia.  With them are other friends and allies, most of whom were also in Into the Realm of Time.  I do not want to name these characters here as that would give away parts of the plot.


5. Who are the antagonists in From the Realm of Time?


There are several.  The only one I will disclose here is also the primary one:  The Saxons, led by a warlord who is the son-in-law of the Saxon king.  This warlord has great ambition to assemble a large force of Saxons, and their allies the Angles and the Jutes, and conduct a massive raid on Britannia.


6.  Is From the Realm of Time based on actual events?


The story, itself, is fiction.  However, the backdrop of the story is based on actual events.  For example, the Roman emperors mentioned in the book were real.  The Saxons were also one of the many barbarian tribes that conducted raids on Britannia during the time that the story is set.  Also, the book begins at the Battle of Adrianople in 378 AD where the Roman Emperor Valens suffered a catastrophic defeat that some scholars believe was a key event in accelerating the decline of the western half of the Roman Empire.


7.  How long did it take to write From the Realm of Time?  


It took three years to write and publish From the Realm of Time.  This is the same amount of time I took to write and publish Into the Realm of Time. 


8.  What was the most difficult part of writing this book?


Writing the story was actually the easier part of completing From the Realm of Time.  I enjoyed using my imagination in writing the story and in discussing drafts of the book with readers.  However, it became clear to me that substantial editing was needed to write the book that I would be satisfied with in the end.  Editing the book to create a clear and comprehensible story was the most difficult part of writing From the Realm of Time.


9.  Where can I purchase From the Realm of Time?


You can purchase hard (paper back) copies through Amazon as well as ebooks through Kindle (see the Amazon link on this website).  Several bookstores, including Boswell Book Company located in Milwaukee, carry the book.  I have also donated copies of the book to the libraries listed on this website.  I can also be reached through my gmail account at


10.  Do you plan on continuing writing and if not on Romans, what?


I have a considered writing a murder mystery based on an actual event that occurred in Iowa decades ago.  The story I would write would be based loosely on that event.



April 2018

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