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A rousing and captivating epic that should satisfy fans of historical fiction.

- Kirkus Reviews

For those looking for an honest and thoroughly detailed look at the later days of the Roman Empire, this book will be a treat.  


The Historical Novel Society

From the Realm of Time - Savor the victory! Mr. Prill does a masterful job of weaving historical facts into this, his second historical fiction novel. The current event topics are seamlessly intertwined into the storyline. The reader is introduced to new characters while returning characters are further developed, showing their vivid complexity. A retired Roman general struggles to make sense of his new civilian life. His wife rises to her new role as head of the household while the General searches for a new purpose in life, looking, among other places, to a journey to his wife's homeland. At the end of the novel. I still hunger for more.

Kudos to Mr. Prill on another seminal work!

- Christopher W. Barden


Whenever I had to put this book down, I could not wait to get back to it. I loved (and hated) various characters and the different storylines that all ended up weaving together in the end. This book made the people, places and issues of the fourth century Roman Empire seem real, and I felt a connection that made me want to read on to learn what would happen next There is love and war, quiet scenes that made me think and suspenseful scenes that had me on the edge of my seat-an entertaining, easy-to-read book that has me hoping the author will make a third book!


- Shannon Davidson


By chance I finished reading the delightful and well-paced From the Realm of Time the evening after I visited the Museum of Epigraphy in the Baths of Diocletian in Rome. One of the takeaway lessons from the museum is that written texts can last for millennia. Be read by others than their target audience, and offer glimpses into past times. You will /have to see why I could not have scripted a better ending for my day than to read the closing chapters of Scott Prill's book.


- Greg Buckle


Like Into the Realm of Time, Scott Prill's latest effort paints a vivid tale of epic proportion through well-developed characters who are not always what they appear to be. His crisp, well-paced writing entices you to keep turning the page, then toys with your passions and leaves you wanting more.


- Steven P. Bogart


Scott has done it again, He masterfully weaves a tale of suspense and adventure. From the Realm of Time is fun to read and hard to put down. The story draws you in and races toward the dramatic conclusion.


- Rev. Dee M. Anderson



Historical fiction intricately woven with strong characters and a great story.

Formidable sequel to my favorite book.                  


- Jodi Fabis


From the Realm of Time reintroduces the readers to the aging but heroic Roman general Marcus Augustus Valerias and his equally brave wife. Claire, who are surrounded by other intriguing figures all swept up in a battle for power at a lime of shifting fortunes. Once again, the author. Scott Prill, brings to life a time in history that one hears little about but infuses into the story richly developed characters some with great capacity for good and others evil. I honestly did not want the story to end as it hurtled to a breathtaking conclusion.


- Mark Chelmowski. M.D

A magnificent story of valor and fidelity.

- Mark and Karen McClusky  

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