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Summer 2022 Update!

Hello All – In March, I posted my last blog entry where I noted I was not a proficient blogger.

How true!

I’d like to say I have finished my murder/mystery novel that takes place in Iowa, but alas that is not the case. I had some uncertainty about parts of the story, and thus asked an editor who specializes in novel development to take a look at the manuscript. She had a number of thought provoking ideas which I evaluated and tried to incorporate into the novel. The overall goal is to publish a best novel that I can. I think we are now approaching that point. I am hoping it to be finished at the end of the year.

In the meantime, I wrote a short story about one of my favorite subjects – the environment and saving it. The story is entitled “The Elephant and the Leopard.” As always, I hope you enjoy the story and please send me your thoughts regarding it.

A special thanks to the book cover artist, Paris Colins, and my webmaster, Jeffrey Djoum.

Summer is half over and the football machine will be cranking up soon – too soon.

Enjoy summer while it is here!

Take care.


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