• Scott Prill

Fall Update & New Short Story!

Hello and welcome to Fall. I may be in a minority, but I prefer an endless summer.

I am attaching another short story, Dawn of the End, that I wrote for a contest where the topic was the “Apocalypse.” I would say that is appropriate for Halloween. I try and avoid becoming too dark – but it is Halloween!

That now makes five short stories I have written and shared. They are included on my website – www.scottprill.com.

I have now finished a draft of my next book – a novel entitled Where the Corn Grows Tallest. It is a murder mystery that takes place in rural Iowa in essentially the fall of 1970. The novel needs a lot of editing and polishing before it truly becomes a book I want others to read. Hopefully by next summer it will be done. I’ll be 70, so I hope so!

Have a great Fall and avoid the ghosts of Halloween!



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