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Fall 2023 Update!

Hello. Well, now it’s early-September with fall lurking around the corner. It has been awhile since my last blog post – which is not surprising for me. At least I’m consistently sporadic.

I still haven’t finished the book, Where the Corn Grows Tallest, yet, but I keep working diligently on it. Right now, we (Lindsay Pietenpol – my copyeditor/proofreader and I ) are reviewing the second paperback proof of the book. There were a number of changes that needed to be made to the first paperback proof - when we looked at the printed page versus the writing on the computer screen. All revisions were fortunately minor.

That leads me to a topic I may have addressed earlier – when is the book actually done and set for publication? I could keep going through the manuscript finding changes here and there for forever. In other words, when is something good enough? This concept goes to almost everything we do in our daily lives –writing a report or memo, trimming a bush, waxing a car, painting a room, planning a social event, and doing things for others. I think the answer to what is good enough is according to the individual involved. People’s levels of satisfaction regarding a task are variable.

For Where the Corn Grows Tallest I have to consider my version of perfection against what is the best I can do; there is a difference. Attaining perfection can go forever; the best one can do is more finite. I do know that I am close to finishing the book – now I’m looking at an October release. This is fine with me as a book takes place in September through November.

Stay tuned and enjoy the day!


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