• Scott Prill

Blog Update: March 2022

I confess – I am not a proficient blogger. I should write more often and I intend to, but time slips away and I don’t. Some people can and do, while others don’t – count me in that category. I can say that I will improve – yet that won’t likely happen. So, for those who read my blog entries, you will not be burdened by too much material!

I am still in the midst of editing my third novel – Where the Corn Grows Tallest – A Tale of Mystery and Murder in America’s Heartland. I recently sent the manuscript off to a second editor. I did this because I wanted an opinion of someone who does not know me, my writing or the story in the book. I have never written a murder/mystery book before and wanted another’s thoughts. I still plan to publish the book in 2022 – just not in the spring.

By the time you read this I will be 70 years old. I must again confess – that is a shock to me. I remember when my Grandfather turned 70 and I thought, as a teenager – man, he’s old! Now, that’s me. For those of you who have read my Roman books, you know that time and its passing is a recurrent theme in the books. To some extent, it is as well in the new book. I believe it is important to enjoy life to whatever degree one can in the time we have.

Until my next entry and God bless Ukraine.


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