• Scott Prill

Blog 2.0 has begun!

With the help of webmaster Jeff Djoum, I hope to be more active on the blog than in the past. A few updates: My website is now more author focused. Before, it was based on my two books – Into the Realm of Time and From the Realm of Time. I decided to turn the website into a more expansive Author website. Why? I plan on adding short stories and perhaps a poem or two over time to the website. One short story has already been added to the website – “Watchers.” I am also revising Into the Realm of Time and From the Realm of Time with the valuable assistance of talented London editor, Nicky Galliers. Nicky has helped add greater authenticity to the novels and improved the writing. However, the books have the same stories, characters and themes as in the first editions. I hope to have both books reissued as second editions in the summer of 2020. I have begun writing a third book. This is not a continuation of the Roman sagas, but a murder mystery in Iowa. I have no issue date in mind and I will give updates regarding the novel when I update this blog. I won’t need as much research for the Iowa book as I did for the Roman novels!

As we go through this terrible pandemic, I wish all of you to Stay Well!

Thanks for reading! More soon!


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