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1.  Why did you write Into the Realm of Time?

There is a very simple answer - because I wanted to write the book.  I did not write Into the Realm of Time for fame or wealth.  I wanted to write the book before my time slips away.  When my Dad passed, I realized in more definite terms that there is a finite time we have and I had better get started on the book.  Also, writing the book became a hobby to me as our children have moved on to college and careers and their own paths in life.


2.  How long did it take you to write Into the Realm of Time?

I had thought about writing a book for several years.  In the Fall of 2011, I focused on the subject and time period I wanted to write about. I started the actual writing in January 2012 and finished the book in April 2015.  The writing part took about two years. Editing, proofreading and publishing matters took the rest of the time.  I typically wrote from 9:00 to 10:00 pm and random one hour periods on weekends.  I limited the writing to a one hour block so my imagination did not become stale.


3.  What was the hardest part of writing Into the Realm of Time?

There were three difficult aspects to writing the book.  The first aspect was the actual sitting down to write the first word, sentence, and chapter of the novel.  The second most difficult aspect was the perseverance required to get to the point of publishing.  It was not difficult for me to keep making progress on the book - but the length of time involved (three and a half years) required persistence.  I must recognize my family, the people in the Acknowledgement section and early readers of the book, for providing the "fuel" to keep me going at times.  The third aspect was the need to go over the book again and again with editing and proofreading to make the story believable, consistent and hopefully error free.


4.  Did you have the storyline written out when you started Into the Realm of Time?

No.  When I began writing the novel, I only had the first chapter in mind and a small portion of one of the last chapters.  The rest of the story just came to me as I wrote it.  I frequently thought about the story during my fairly long drives to work.  Then at night and on weekends I just wrote what I thought about during the day.  One of my goals in writing Into the Realm of Time was to let my imagination lead the story, and I'm pleased with the final product.  I also had several reference books that gave me ideas.


5.  Did you have an inspiration to write Into the Realm of Time?

I had no specific inspiration.  However, I refer to a scene in the movie Kingdom of Heaven where the Christian defender of Jerusalem, Balian, asks the Muslim attacker, Saladin - (paraphrasing) "What does Jerusalem mean to you (Saladin)"  Saladin responds to Balian, "Nothing" and Saladin starts to walk away, turns back to Balian and says, "Everything."  Everything sums up my inspiration for writing the book: all of what I have seen in life, people whom I have met, read in books and watched on the television and movie screens form this book.


6.  Why did you choose the time period for Into the Realm of Time?

I chose a time frame which is not well known by most people.  It was the time before Attila (the Hun) became a force in present day Europe.  I also wanted to avoid the time when the Roman Empire was crumbling into its death knell.  Finally, I wanted nothing to do with the Arthurian legend in Britannia.  Into the Realm of Time is centered when the Roman Empire was still strong, but the cracks in that strength were showing. 


7.  Were the characters in the book based on anyone?

No one in particular.  As I note in #5 above, "everything" was the basis on which I formed the characters.  I did name a minor character in the book after my cousin, Brad, who died of lung cancer in 2012.


 8. Will there be a sequel?

Yes, I hope so.  I doubt there will a trilogy or a series of books on this subject. I have some ideas in mind for a sequel and we shall see where my imagination goes on that story. 


9.  Is there a particular demographic that is targeted for reading Into the Realm of Time?

I would like to think anyone could enjoy the book. However, the most likely groups for Into the Realm of Time are men and women over 35 years old and young males, mid to late teens.


10.  Did you have themes for Into the Realm of Time?

Yes. There are several themes included in the book; however, you will have to read the novel to come to your own conclusions.  I will note that one such theme is provided beautifully in the thoughts attributed to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius that I placed on the Part I title page of Into the Realm of Time.   Please read it and form your own opinion.


11.  Did you have help writing Into the Realm of Time?

No, I wanted to write the story on my own. I did have help with editing and proofreading the book and from listening to ideas of several people that read drafts of the book.  And then there is my almost complete lack of computer skills by which I required much assistance!  Additionally, the front and back covers were the result of a collaborative effort between myself and Drew Maxwell.  We worked out the concepts and Drew developed striking illustrations.


12.  Why did you select CreateSpace/Amazon as the publisher?

I researched publishers and it appeared there were three general types: the normal publisher, the vanity publisher and the hybrid publisher.  The normal publisher is typically what you find at Barnes and Noble and similar outlets.  This would not work for me as I'm an unknown author with a debut novel without an agent.  The vanity publisher prints your books but you have the job of selling them.  I do not want a garage full of books I need to sell - particularly when I have a full time job and no experience in selling books.  CreateSpace/Amazon helps get your book ready for publishing, publishes the book and has the book available online to order. Thus, the hybrid publishing option seemed the best for my circumstance.


13.  How do I order Into the Realm of Time?

You can order the book from Amazon in hard copy (paperback) or on Kindle.  I'm old fashioned and like holding a book - but to each his or her own.  Please check the Amazon website under my name to order Into the Realm of Time.


14.  Would you do it all over again – write Into the Realm of Time?

Absolutely.  It has been a great experience to let my imagination be my guide and create a story I think is rich in character development and action oriented during an interesting time period.  I hope you enjoy reading Into the Realm of Time as much as I enjoyed creating and writing the book.


15.  Can you see Into the Realm of Time being made into a movie?


Yes, with the right director and actors.  I'll let you imagine who could play the parts.


April 2015

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